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A solid company. So can Ouseuse® be defined. With more than 20 years acting on the lingerie industry, the company has always sought to produce the best for the feminine, conceited, mother, friend, professional and, above all, sassy women on all of their multiple roles.

The entrepreneur Rosana Marques, nowadays acknowledged in the country’s entrepreneurial scene as one of the main protagonists in the creation of the Juruaia center, brought forth the company in 1994. Since then, Ouseuse became a reference on the lingerie industry and entrepreneurship.

With nearly 80 direct employees and 120 indirect ones, Ouseuse® has as its main purpose to produce pieces that ally quality, beauty and comfort. At first, its production was based only around panties and bras. Naturally, it has built up catalogue and, now, offers basic, fashionable and sassy lingerie; and the beach, fitness and masculine collections.

At each collection, Ouseuse® seeks to ally worldwide fashion tendencies with the available market technologies. The diversity of products is a constant concern of the brand, for Ouseuse® is aware that the brazillian silhouettes are many and, thus, it aims to cater to all tastes, in a clear demonstration of respect towards one’s preferences and personality.

The brand is also aware that its role doesn’t limit itself as to only offer products. Our clients are the main cog of our machine, and the proximity with each individual is made through good customer service, easy access to our products and comfort, which is offered at the Ouseuse showroom. All of this, allied to opinions and ideas that are always welcome, ensure a solid partnership and the constant improvement of our products and attendance.

The Ouseuse® is a company associated with Aciju and Toque Brasil.